WHAT WOMEN WANT WEDNESDAYS are fashion, dating, life tips or opinions that I’ll post every Wednesday. Today we’ll talk about the importance of shoes.

Shoes can completely change your look and style. Gentlemen, I know you don’t think the little things make a difference, but I, among others, can assure you that they do. Shoes are the final touch to perfect an outfit. If a woman looks at you and is pleased with what she sees until she looks at your dirty, clunky skateboarding shoe-you may need to start re-thinking the date you were planning in your head. Some of you may not know that women are turned on by shoes, but what really turns them on is that you A) care enough to know what looks good and B) you pay attention to detail.  Let’s see what some women have to say!

Alexis, Whittier-CA: I like when guys wear bots and loafers that look rustic. They go with a lot of different styles. If they want a more casual look, I like the boat shoes look. Unless you went to the gym, a run, etc. No tennis shoes, ever! Image


Classic Dress up

Zoey, Irvine-CA: For a casual and day-to-day shoe, I like when guys where Sperry’s or Converse. I like Sperry’s because there is a whole look/style that I really like for either shoe. For a more dressy shoe I like the rustic boot or loafer look as well, like Redwings. Lately I’ve noticed a lot of guys wearing these boots or loafers in different colors and looks great. However, the square front on dress shoes and boots has to go!Image


Claire, Yorba Linda-CA: For casual I like Sperry’s or a boat shoe look. I also love Converse, especially Jack Purcell’s. If that have to wear flip-flops, make it Rainbows or Reef’s, and please, only be around water if you wear flip-flops! For a more dressed up look, I like the classic shoe concept with a a two-tone colors.


IMG_3172 IMG_7913

Here are more examples!

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There you have it, Gents!

Solely yours,



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